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Abigail wants the truth
09-29-2013, 12:28 PM,
Abigail wants the truth
It took over an hour to find the cheapest hotel in L.A. Damn it says Abigail. She's not from this area or time zone! So 3 hours (she thinks anyway) has completely.drained her. Her friend Kathy ually allows her to stay with her as long as she's not traveling and her last travel was 3months ago so this to her Wasatch total wipe out

ANd what makes it worse is that when she finally gets a call for a client she ends up finding her in some sort of bizarre situation. Abigail runs back into SAM and them takes the initiative to try and hep. And then that's were she finds her newest client in that same mess what the hell! Sleeping with all her worrisome and racing thoughts were not helping. So she went to the little computer center the hotel had and come to fnd out the lawyer could not find her mother (typical) and was at her last attempt to find the last peson n in her grandfather's list of kin (her) and has 30 days left to responed before everything that was her grandfathers is gone. And the letter was. Sent 5 days ago now she needed. To get to a phone and fast not only to call her client Marla but to also set up an appointment with MS. Fisher and kindly decline the rest of her offer

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