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kira learning to forge a sword (with the Narrator)
03-25-2016, 06:13 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-25-2016, 06:13 AM by Ashla Marr.)
kira learning to forge a sword (with the Narrator)
Kira walked off on her own towards forge. She wanted to learn how to create her own swords. Maybe this was the quest the duelist had meant for her to do.

Kira had learned here there was no bad effects from using magic like there was in the fallen world. She did wonder if she figured out how to make weapons out of magic if she had to worried about any bad effects though once they returned home.

As Kira approached the forge, she wondered how exactly she suppose to do this. " Hello? Is there someone here who can assist me? " As she turned her head looking around.

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03-25-2016, 11:41 AM,
RE: kira learning to forge a sword (with the Narrator)
As she approached the forge she would see a man picking up the tools then setting them down, each one he picked up strengthening its own gate, almost like it would have faded away had the man not touched it. Watching home for a few moments he did nothing, but go from object to object, repeating the process. After the third item kira would hear a voice. Behind her was a tall woman, long legs sun-kissed skin and eyes that held a haunting beauty. Along her whole body were what looked to be tribal tattoos of some kind though they were made of silver. "He is a dream priest. He makes sure that the items Octavious has pulled from the Wyld remain more than dreams. He can't help you just walks around picking thing up all day, setting them on other things. I can help you though, what is it you need?
03-27-2016, 03:16 PM,
RE: kira learning to forge a sword (with the Narrator)
Kira turned her head hearing the woman's voice behind her. She found it was interesting the man was a dream priest. As she listened to her explained what the man was. Remembering she had used dreams before to get Richard out of the abyss. She also recalled the four bronze guards she had protecting her once. " Is it safe to do that pull items from your dreams and making them remain? " she was curious about learning more. Maybe it was safe here cause how different things worked. Kira wonder if it was even possible to do it in the fallen world.

" Oh. i was wondering how to make a sword please." Kira realized she had gotten a little side tracked from her reason of being here in the first place.

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